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  • The Finance Store helped me get the financing I needed to transfer my practice to a new location and to expand my overall business. I found out about the Finance Store through my accountant, who's opinion I trust very much. It worked out well and I'm happy with the results. The Finance Store has been so helpful and supportive through the whole process. Amir Sadjadi D.M.D., Owner, Family Dentistry Costa Mesa, CA
  • Early on, I tried to work directly with my bank but I found they weren't willing to go outside their own lending facilities to find out what the best deal for me was. The financing we needed initially was to buy servers and computers and cover other expenses so I could make sure our invoices met our salary requirements. I worked with the Finance Store to secure what I needed at the time and at super reasonable rates. Brad Hendricks, CEO, Blind Squirrel Games Costa Mesa, CA
  • The idea that the Finance Store is by my side is really meaningful to me. It's helped give me peace of mind that there are solutions. I have no reservations referring someone to the Finance Store because of the ethical manner in which they operate, their straightfoward advice and guidance, and the capabilities that they offer are just terrific and wide ranging. Robert Schott, President, WoWindows Cranford, NJ
  • We talked to many banks in Southern California and oddly enough they are not sympathetic to startups. What we liked about the Finance Store is they did their homework, contacted us and said 'I think we can work together'. If you really really want it, you're really going to get. You don't know when, you don't know how, you don't always know what it's going to look like....but I do now because we did it! We are so excited! Christine Dennis-Abilla, Owner, Pump It Up Torrance, CA

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