Finance Agents Featurette: Dorothy Chanetsa

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FinanceAgentswebAs we celebrated Finance Agents’s second anniversary this month, we kept hearing one name echo through the Business Finance Store headquarters, and that was relative newcomer Dorothy Chanetsa.

Chanetsa has only been an agent since last November, but is already a strong advocate for the Finance Agents program.

“I’ve been working with Business Finance Store since before I became an agent. After familiarizing myself with the program, it just felt like a natural progression,” Chanetsa says. She also echoed the same sentiment Louis Reyes expressed in our previous Finance Agents Featurette.

Starting Out with Resources

“Starting out requires some patience, and you have to have some sort of primary income to begin with,” Chanetsa says. “If you look at the Finance Agents as an opportunity to grow — maybe even replace your current primary income — you can set yourself up for a lot of success.”

For Chanetsa, she connects real estate investors with short-term and hard money loans. Her natural progression into the Finance Agents program came into play when a client was able to receive funding through Business Finance Store. From there, it just made sense to become an agent, as she saw the opportunity to make money by helping other businesses get the funding they need.

“The best part of my job is seeing people get what they need to make things happen. For instance, a group I work with offers a lifeline to commercial property owners whose properties are under water. I love seeing people come out of situations like these, and I like seeing that the market is improving gradually because of it.”

Networking is Key

One thing Chanetsa emphasized is to learn how to network. According to her, networking doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do, but it can certainly be a little tedious.

“I try my best to network a lot, and participate a lot on Facebook, LinkedIn and in MeetUp Groups. I joined a few groups on these platforms and share my shortlinks there,” Chanetsa says. “Most of the people I network with are real estate investors who need short-term funding.”

As she continues to put herself on the forefront of the LinkedIn, Facebook and MeetUp groups she participates in, group members gradually become familiar with her and the content she shares with everyone. Moreover, she doesn’t just arbitrarily share Business Finance Store content, she genuinely likes to help others.

“The best part of being an agent is the excitement when someone realizes that they actually qualify for funding after dealing with banks that repeatedly say ‘no’.” Chanetsa says.

To find out more about becoming a Finance Agent, visit the Finance Agents website!

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