CES 2013 Trends: Discover New Tech Trends

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest events in the technology industry. Companies debut new products that will change the way people work, so entrepreneurs need to take note of new trends. Past CES debuts have become big sellers and changed everyday tasks. Past new products include DVD players and video game systems, which spurred sales for manufacturers in both industries. Since then, businesses have gotten a hint of the future by watching what’s happening at the show. Here’s what entrepreneurs can learn from this year’s CES debuts.

Tablet Use Will Increase at Work

Tablets are now a mainstay in most consumers’ businesses. This means entrepreneurs have to start creating products and services that are tablet friendly. This year, CES attendants have rolled out tablet pens, such as the Targus Touch Pen, and other accessories to make people more comfortable with using tablets for different tasks. As accessories continue to come out, expect to use tablets more often in every aspect of work.

Interactive Accessories Will Improve Productivity

New smart glasses from Vuzix have “the power and features of a smartphone”, according to CNN. Entrepreneurs can wear these glasses to do the same things they do with their phones. The glasses will be hard to lose (since they are worn on the face just like regular glasses) and free up your hands so you can do other work as well. Imagine using GPS on your glasses as you travel to meet a client in another city. Smart glasses and similar “smart” accessories will make that a possibility. Wearing interactive devices that can help you work is going to be more common in the near future.

Healthcare Industry Needs Digital Entrepreneurs

Healthcare products became so important this year that CES had its own Digital Health Summit. The summit addresses the unique concerns and issues for health companies. That means entrepreneurs have to start thinking about how they can serve this lucrative market.  The introduction of President Obama’s healthcare plan will definitely change how health services and data are managed. Check out the blog to read more about what different speakers want from manufacturers and service providers. Or read the summit agenda and brainstorm how your company could get into the industry.

CES Trends Can Shape Your Success

Paying attention to CES news, even if you’re not attending, is incredibly important because it’s a great way to see multiple trends at once. Even though there were fewer big names at this year’s show, it’s still informative for startups, especially those that make software or computer technology. CES trends can highlight amazing opportunities, if you just pay attention.

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