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There is an array of key tools for small businesses to use when starting up in order to bolster their media presence and create a fluid form of communication-a pivotal tool in the small business’ work belt is Google+. Not only does Google+ help to boost SEO and maintain brand management, it also enable businesses to communicate efficiently and easily within the company and with other Google+ users.

Making Communication Easier, Everyday

Google+ gives businesses the chance to have a comprehensive communication platform, free of clutter so you can work in the most economical fashion, maximizing your precious time.

Keep your Gmail clutter-free with your Google+ Circles

By using Google+ Circles-which allows you to assemble groups of people based on relationship or category-Gmail will filter through your emails and prioritize them accordingly, instead of you sifting through a barrage of emails.

Hangouts make video conferences easier than ever

The Google+ Hangout plug-in allows for video chats of up to 10 people. This plug-in streamlines communication for group projects or for brainstorming in general. Also, by using the Symphonical app, collaboration is even easier with the capability to use a digital whiteboard, which allows group progress to be tracked.

Colleagues are able to use virtual sticky notes on the whiteboard during the course of an online chat. The sticky notes allow for groups to stay collectively organized while presenting individual ideas.

Share and edit documents with ease on Google Docs

Instead of continuously exchanging emails with co-workers for each miniscule edit, you can simply share files with anyone in your circles. With Google Docs, documents can be written, shared and edited from conception to completion. While making edits, which update with real-time for everyone who is sharing the document, colleagues can be using video chat or simply text using Google chat in order to ensure constant communication and collaboration.

Google+ Events helps to organize events

Launched during the summer, Google+ Events lets users create events and share them with the appropriate circles. The plug-in is linked up with Google Calendars and the event will appear automatically.

Using Google+ to boost SEO

In addition to the multitude of communication tools for small businesses, Google+ also links businesses up with other services, such as Google Maps and Google Places.

It is highly likely that maintaining a Google+ page will help your businesses’ SEO. Having a Google+ page will let users find your business more easily doing an organic search. Simply putting a business in the search engine will link the user to the businesses’ Google+ page which can give users a manageable way to look through everything your business has to offer.

With improved communication possibilities and the likelihood of boosting your social media presence, why wouldn’t your business take advantage of what Google+ has to offer?

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