How to Market Your Homemade Products

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Do you have a business selling homemade products? The popularity of handmade crafts and natural, organic or holistic products makes such a business an attractive option for creative entrepreneurs.

Help your home-based business take off quickly by making marketing a priority right from the start. Use your imagination to look for unusual advertising opportunities, and let people know about your products with a variety of face-to-face and online marketing techniques.

Partner With a Local Shop

A good way to market homemade products is to join forces with a local shop or business that shares your target market. For example, if you make aromatherapy products, search out a spa or beauty salon that sells all-natural beauty products, or one that offers reiki or massage.

Consider your local health food store or organic bakery. Your products may appeal to these businesses’ customers because they already prefer natural and organic products. Approach the business owners and ask if they are willing to carry your products on a consignment basis, where they receive a percentage of each sale.

Market Your Products Online

The internet is an excellent avenue to market homemade products in a professional and creative way. Set up a website including a homepage, About Us page, product pages or a catalog, and include an online shopping cart.  Alternatively, consider selling your products through sites such as eBay or Amazon.

Various social media platforms can also expand your online marketing reach. For instance, Facebook is a great tool to share and promote digital discount coupons instantly redeemable on your site. There are plenty of Facebook apps available for businesses to distribute deals that customers can share.

For the visually-inclined — especially women between the ages of 25-34 — Pinterest is a great way to reach customers via photos of aromatherapy, oils, or other holistic products. Update your website regularly with blog posts and information on new developments or ideas in your field. Ask readers for online feedback or comments on your products, and ask for their suggestions for new or improved products.

Provide Free Gift Samples & Coupons

Market newly developed homemade products by including a small free sample with all regular purchases. Send a gift sample and a handwritten note  to thank existing customers for their referrals.  Offer your gift samples as a reward to the customers of a local business who serves the same target market you do. This triple win situation benefits the local business because they can reward their loyal customers without any cost to themselves. It benefits the customers because they will receive a free sample and time-limited discount when they purchase a holistic product from you directly. It benefits your business by getting your product in front of qualified customers.

Differentiate Your Product

What sets your product apart from your competitors? Is it a certain ingredient that you grow or cultivate? Perhaps it is a secret recipe, or a special fragrance you created, or an unusual pattern or crafting technique. Capitalize on a unique feature of your product to give customers a reason to choose it over others in the market. People like the idea of exclusivity, so work this into your marketing content on websites, print material, and most importantly your tag line or slogan.

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