How to Attract Women (to the Workplace)

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 The future ruler of England could be female, thanks to a new change in royal succession rules, according to ABC News. This means if Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton’s first child is female, she could rule as queen instead of her male sibling. This isn’t the only sign of female success in leadership: Australia recently elected its first female prime minister. The new wave of female leaders should inspire every business, especially those who’ve had trouble attracting female employees, to step up their efforts.

The next ruler of England could be female. Photo:

Join Women’s Associations

There are often female versions of chambers of commerce and other professional groups that focus on women’s interests and concerns. Business owners can join these groups and they don’t have to be female. These groups give you the chance to connect with others and find out who needs a job. A personal connection to a group makes it easier to learn about new job candidates.

Even if you don’t have time to join and attend all meetings, at least remember to advertise jobs in these associations’ newsletters and websites. Advertising to them directly ensures you’re not tapping the same old sources for new hires.

Ask Female Employees

People tend to hire people who are similar to them. Social networks, which tend to segregated by gender and race, are incredibly important in the workforce. So if you are male and don’t know many women outside of work, ask some experienced female employees for recommendations on new job hires. Let them know you’re looking for candidates right before the job ad goes public. If you work in an industry that is primarily male, doing this gives you the broadest range of candidates.

Attend Female–Centered Conferences

There are now a growing number of conferences in many fields that are aimed at women. Just like most professional associations, attendees don’t have to be female to participate. For example, earlier this month the  Women Powering Technology Summit was held to celebrate women in technology. Many larger conferences have sessions and networking events so employers can meet female job candidates. If there’s a private job board, advertise new job openings there.

You may wonder why it’s important to recruit women. No matter if you’re male or female and your business is successful, think about the different innovations female viewpoints could bring to the workplace. For example, Wikipedia realized that the lack of female editors was probably due to the rude, sometimes sexist sniping other editors made and the overly technical editing system, which favors people with advanced computer science education (mainly males). The company realizes that in order to accurately record information about all aspects of the world, they will need to reach out to more women in the future. The goal is to make editors more diverse so that Wikipedia is as accurate and complete as possible. Obviously, male computer science students can’t be expected to know everything about the world! Reaching out to women is the best way to correct unintentional oversights like this.

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